Monday , August 10th 2020
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UV Lights – UV Sterilizer

We all want our pond water to be clear, so how do we achieve this. Well, we can get an ultraviolet sterilizer or ultraviolet clarifier, but what's the difference and which one should I consider getting. Read more

Pond Filter Cleaning

This seems to be a big topic for debate, although there is what you might call a standard way to clean our pond filters, there also seems many varied methods adopted by different people. So what is the right way? Read more

Seasoning Your Pond

You've dug the hole in your backyard. You've installed the liner, and all of the pipes and filters are in place. You've filled your new pond with water. But now what? Should you add plants or fish to the new pond? Well, before you do that, you'll need to season the pond. ... Read more

Water Garden Tips: Algae Control Products

There is no denial that adding a water garden into your yard would make your yard and outdoor environment look more beautiful and welcoming. This is one thing that surely stands out in your house compared to other parts in it. The water garden can be associated with plant... Read more

Uvonair Ultraviolet Ozonator

Uvonair Ultraviolet

The Uvonair 3000 Standard attacks and neutralizes odors at the source. Uvonair eliminates odors caused by tobacco smoke, molds…

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