Monday , March 30th 2020
    A Garden Highlight

UV Lights – UV Sterilizer

We all want our pond water to be clear, so how do we achieve this. Well, we can get an ultraviolet sterilizer or ultraviolet clarifier, but what’s the difference and which one should I consider getting.

A UV Clarifier will kill algae, which is what makes our pond water green. The clarifier will also kill off disease organisms.

A UV sterilizer will kill algae and make our pond water clear; they also kill living organisms. They sterilize the water killing off harmful bacterias but not the good bacterias.

So what is the difference and which one should I get. The difference between these two is confusing, and they both get our pond water clear so that either one will do right. It is all supposed to do with the flow rate of the water, so if it passes in front of the unit at a faster flow, then it clarifies the water, and at a slower rate, it will sterilize the water. Most people that keep Koi ponds tend to go for the sterilizers, so that has got to say something.

So when you look for these units, you may find that some of them say that it can be used as a sterilizer or clarifier depending on the flow rate. These units are used in conjunction with your filter unit, and some filter units are available with UV’s built into them.

So what do you do then clarifier or sterilizer the choice is yours, me personally I opted for the unit that said it was a sterilizer as it seemed to be a better option. But having said that, I think that they are the same thing, and it depends on the flow rate to what the unit does in respect of clarifying or sterilize.

The point is that we want our pond water to be clear, and mine is working fine. There plenty here to choose from, so if you are thinking about getting one, have a look.